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I am the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (“PCA”) and I am appointed by the Governor of Bermuda as are the 5 other members of the PCA. The PCA was established by the Bermuda Government to increase public confidence in the police complaints’ system. We are authorized to investigate serious complaints and allegations of misconduct against the police.  Members of the public can make a complaint about the conduct of an officer of the Bermuda Police Service.  We can also launch investigations on our own initiative, if it’s in the public interest to do so. Where the incident involves death or serious injury, the PCA will direct and supervise the investigation.

We welcome you to this website. You can make a complaint by using the online form. It will be submitted when you press the ‘submit’ button. The form is also available to download and print which you can then complete and send to the Professional Conduct Unit of the Bermuda Police Service or to the office of the PCA – contact details are given in the ‘contact us’ section. You can also attend at any Police station, the Professional Conduct Unit or the office of the PCA to make a complaint. If you wish, you can even bring someone with you, either a friend or family member. If you prefer, someone can make a complaint on your behalf but you must give your permission in writing for them to do this.  Any complaint made to a police officer is immediately transmitted to the Commissioner of Police who is obliged by law to immediately transmit the complaint to the PCA. In turn, complaints made to the PCA are notified to the Commissioner.By providing oversight of complaints against the police and, in appropriate cases, independently conducting investigations of any misconduct, neglect of duty or negligent performance of duty by an officer, we at the PCA hope to fulfil our mandated role and give the people of Bermuda confidence in our police service.Jeffrey Elkinson


Andrew Bermingham

Barrett Dill

Jeffrey Elkinson (Chairman)

William Francis

Ernestine deGraff

Winston Esdaille

Please click below to access the 2012/2013/2014 Police Complaints Authority Report to the Governor and Minister of National Security